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We do what it takes to provide our children and our future society a clean and energy efficient place to call home.


We are the premier solar energy provider promoting sustainability and saving our customer's money.

The Premier Solar Energy Provider

Welcome to EnergyONE


EnergyONE, LLC., is a leading-edge renewable energy provider based in the Kansas City area. We use the very best products available and spare no expense providing our customers the best quality on every project we are awarded.


Along with your quality system comes 2 full years of our Service Plus Maintenance Plan. You’ll receive a visit from EnergyONE twice a year to inspect and clean your system in an effort to keep your system running efficiently. We pride ourselves in being the only company in your area with a plan dedicated to taking care of you after the installation has been completed.


Renewable energy has always been around, but until now, technology just hadn’t offered an efficient or sustainable way of harnessing the power of our sun. We are now working hand-in-hand with the power companies to forge the reduction of the carbon footprint and greatly reduce your power bill.


We are 100% committed to playing our part in helping everyone make their transition to the new world of renewable energy. Businesses and homes aren’t the only things making this transition. Look for roadways, walkways, street lights, advertising billboards and many other things we use in our daily lives to be powered by renewable energy.


Let’s make this transition together.

We at EnergyONE pride ourselves on saving the planet one customer at a time. We believe that every individual deserves the right to be able to save money and do what they can to benefit the environment.


Once our potential customers decide to take a step towards saving money, EnergyONE will go to any lengths to ensure nothing but the best products and superior craftsmanship for their more



EnergyONE is one of the few companies in solar business that has a program designed to give solar owners the peace of mind they deserve and have been seeking from other providers.


We believe that once an owner's solar unit is installed, they shouldn't have to worry about monitoring the system for operational performance, cleaning and maintaining the more

EnergyONE understands how saving money is crucial to any business. Going solar can not only help your company achieve this goal, but your business can also pride itself on going green.


Imagine saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month or eliminating your power bill completely! Let us not forget to inform you that along with your monthly savings, there is a tax benefit for your company! more


The EnergyONE Mission


EnergyONE prides itself on uncompromising levels of excellence with integrity from the planning process to final installation.